Can You Become A Computer Programmer?

47Getting into computer programming is lucrative as it pays you well. Although this software industry has seen some major ups and downs but it is still growing at a rapid rate and is projected to grow at a faster rate. If you want to become a Computer programmer then you should know certain basic facts about programming.

What is computer programming?

Program is a set of instructions given to a computer to perform a specific activity. The person who writes these instruction is called a computer/software programmer. They are also called as software developers or engineers.


Most of the companies prefer people who have a Bachelor or Master degree with computer science as major. However, there are companies who also hire people who are not from computer background or who do not hold a Bachelor/Master degree. So a person who is from chemical engineering background can also get into software industry.

Where do programmers work?

Programmers usually work in a office. Usually companies want to have an open and interactive culture so the programmers, managers and other related people sit close to each other in a open hall.

However, there are jobs where employees can work from their home. It depends on the project and the company with whom the employee is employed. Some of the big companies who provide work from home facilities are IBM, TCS and HP.

Industry Culture

Most of the software companies want its employees to have fun along with their work so they conduct fun events regularly. Like parties, team events, dance competitions etc.

Dress Code

Certain companies want its employees to be in formal outfit while in work where as certain other companies don’t put any restrictions on office wear as long as it is not offendable.

Work Schedule

Software job is a demanding job and a computer programmer has to complete his/her work by a planned date. Most of the companies need their employees to work for 8 to 9 hours a day. Certain times an employee may have to increase his/her work hours to 10-12 hours a day.


The average salary of a software programmer in US is $75000 per annum and in India it is 6 lakh rupees per annum.

Job outlook

As per the US labour market survey the software related jobs in US is supposed to grow by 22% through 2020.

Popular programing languages

Some of the popular programming languages are Java, C/C++, C#, PHP and Python. There are lots of free online tutorials and ebooks available online. So you can easily learn these if you are interested.


Computer programming is an interesting career path and offers lot of growth opportunities. Programmers has to be creative and innovative. However, not all jobs in a software industry is related to programming. There are lot of other career options in software industry as well. The typical job opportunities apart from programming are in Networking, Database administration, Solution designing, Solution engineering, Business Analysis, Testing and Project management. All these job roles provide exciting career opportunities. If you are not interested to become a computer programmer but still want to pursue your career in a software industry then explore each of the other career options listed above and then take a decision that will satisfy your goals and aspirations.